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Scope Of Professional Services

The scope of professional services provided by the company include conceptual planning and design, preparation of drawings and specifications, submissions to relevant authorities, calling of tender, evaluation of tender, contract administration, supervision of works until completion. The professional services cover the following mechanical and electrical works

Fields of Experience

Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

Fire Prevention - Building Services

Fire Prevention - Industrial Power

Cold and Hot Water Plumbing

Sanitary and Sewerage Plumbing

Electrical Services

Telephone Distribution

Data and Voice Communication

High Voltage Electricity Transmission

Power Generation - Solar Farm

Power Generation - Biomass Power Plant

Vertical Transportation

Security Systems

Industrial Compressed Air System

Industrial Vacuum System

Industrial Clean Room

Medical Piping System - O2, N2, N2O, CO2, AGSS, ENT

LPG/NG Reticulation Piping System

Swimming Pool, Spa Pool and Sauna

Building Automation System

Boiler Plant and Auxiliaries, Stream and Condensate Piping

Industrial Process Piping - Process Chilled Water, N2, Forming Gas

Enviromental Polution Control System - Chimney, Scrubber System

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1. Pre-investment Studies
2. Feasibility Studies
3. Project Management
4. Conceptual Studies
5. Basic Engineering Design
6. Detailed Engineering Design
7. Design Review
8. Local Authority Approval

9. Procurement and Tender Evaluation
10. Construction Management
11. Inspection and Testing & Commissioning
12. Quality Assurance and Control
13. Management and Engineering Audits
14. Independent Engineer
15. Operation and Maintenance Management Services